Sailing Women ...This is for You!

It's been said that 'men are from Mars and women from Venus.' Sailing women ... we know there is no doubt that we do things in a different way, with our own challenges and issues. 

This site is from a women's point of view and not a technical 'how to' site!  Would you like to find out how other sailing women deal with different issues, their experiences, shared dreams and challenges based on years of sailing and being on cruising yachts

Learn more about our gutsy female racers like the ones in the Volvo Ocean Race or those that circumnavigate the world

Maybe you want to find out about sailing charters and the best sailing holiday destinations …it’s all here on this site!

Are You a Sailor?

Sailing women are aware that this is a passion, a fantastic challenge and women take to the sea and go cruising either by choice, by chance, or by destiny. It is a life of true freedom and adventure.

Many dream about the lifestyle ... only some are fortunate to make their dream a reality!  How can it become your reality?

Do you want to know more … browse some of the topics below and I’m sure you will find it not only educational but entertaining!  Enjoy!

What are some of these challenges and issues?

  Learn to Sail

  Sea Sickness

  Sailing Holidays

  Sailing his Dream

  Nautical Clothes

 Galley Provisioning  

Sailing with Family

  Pets on Board

   Solo Sailing

Working & Cruising

Cruise Budget

 Courage to Cruise

Volvo Ocean Race

Person Overboard

  Yacht Charters

Safety at Sea

Satellite Phones 

  Tropical Cyclone

Volunteer Sailing

Gay Charters

  Hitchhike Sailing

Single Sailors

Protect Environment

  Why Live Aboard

Beauty & Sailing

Sailings Stress Relief

   Fitness & Sailing

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Do you relate to any of these?

Challenges of Sailing Women!

The challenges are no different for sailing women whether you are just learning, a coastal or blue water sailor, or even a seasoned water babe with your own yacht who lives aboard. 

I can't count the times that men have said to me that they can't find a women that enjoys life on the water, or if she does she has so many concerns about weather conditions, him yelling orders, seasickness and other such things.

At first some ladies find it a novelty living on a boat then it wears thin. Do you relate to this story ... at every marina I hear the same tale.

Are you a Reluctant Sailor?

‘If it’s not fun don’t do it!’ I was always told.  Now nothing is fun all the time, there are always chores to do no matter whether you live on the land or sea!

You can put up with a job you are not that keen on to give you the lifestyle things that give you pleasure.   You might not be keen on housework but feel proud living in a clean home.  And so it goes!

Yes whether a man or women sailing can be tiring when the wind is on your bow and you have to tack to reach a destination.  Or you’re caught in bad weather and soaking wet and cold to the bone.  Maybe you’re on a long stretch and fatigue is clouding your judgement, and there is no time for sleep. 

If you are at anchor and have to row ashore to do the laundry and lug heavy shopping back to the boat it's not pleasant.  If you are at the marina long hikes up and down the piers to the facilities can become wearing.

Why We Love this Lifestyle:

And yet millions of sailors love this ‘lifestyle’ why? 

Because the fun, the sense of achievement on a passage, the adventure and awesome places you visit,  the sea life like being up close and personal with whales and dolphins

Being at one with nature the sound of the wind and being on the ocean far, far out way any negatives!

So why not learn from the seasoned sailors and be inspired by the extreme adventurers and racers of the fairer sex!  

Find out more about the type of women who sail and the reasons why!

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