Ahoy Greek Islands!
By  Rinda L Martin

Ahoy Greek Islands... An exotic getaway - This is a rather apt way to define the experience of spending a vacation on a luxury charter yacht on the magnificent Greek islands. On the whole, a charter yacht to Greece provides excellent possibilities for a wonderful vacation mainly because different groups of islands have unique features to offer.

For instance, when tourists head westward in their charter yacht to Greece, they basically begin their sailing journey in the Ionian Sea.

There is a cluster of seven Ionian Islands to explore. Out of these, the following have become a popular destination for visitors who come to spend their vacation on a luxury charter yacht.

Ahoy Greek Islands - Corfu: 

Out of the seven islands situated in the Ionian Sea, Corfu is the most visited one. This is the second-largest island in the cluster. The Greek name of Corfu is Kerkyra, which has mythological origins.

Several luxury charter yachts head out to Corfu because of its attractive foliage, mountainous landscape, pearl-like sand, pristine waters, and tempting plantation of olive trees. Tourists also enjoy memorable experiences of observing an abundant number of species belonging to the flora and fauna forms of life.


Remarkably small, Paxos is an Ionian Island which accounts for only 11 km of land coverage. The most enchanting aspect of Paxos is its breathtaking view.

Furthermore, preservation of its beauty is also noteworthy which is why tourists make repeat visits to this island in their luxury charter yachts. Shore side activities are minimal on this island. However, swimming is the most common activity that tourists enjoy when on Paxos. Also, the absence of an airport altogether makes it even more worthwhile for people to spend their sailing vacation in Paxos.


Tourists on luxury charter yachts widely prefer spending their summer vacations in Lefkada. However, a unique feature of this island is that it is an appealing destination for people belonging to all age groups.

When people jump aboard a charter yacht to Greece and reach Lefkada, it is like an opportunity for everyone to have some interesting activity to do or some exciting place to visit. So much so, that doing nothing and just relaxing is also an option in some serene and calm places on this island.

In terms of the concerns for sailing and cruising, the Ionian Sea is recognized as an ultimate option. Similarly, the versatility that each of the seven Ionian Islands offer make them an ideal destination to thoroughly enjoy one's hard-earned sailing vacation and you will be saying 'ahoy Greek Islands'.

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Article Source: Rinda L Martin 

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