Asian Yacht Charters!
By Rebecca Anison

Be Royalty in Asia through Luxury Yacht Charters!

Asian yacht charters are relatively cheaper than other yacht charters and increasingly gaining popularity as a destination. People can explore exquisite and exotic cultural heritage partnered with stunning natural beauty plus. 

Fewer people also patronize Asia as yacht charter destination as compared to the Mediterranean Sea or the Caribbean perhaps; so it is a more peaceful vacation. You can choose a range of different Asian yacht charters to carry your vacation.

One way to enjoy Asia is through luxury yacht charters. It is a large, privately owned yacht with professional crews on board. There are companies on the web that allows you to book a luxury yacht for that royalty vacation you've always wanted.

A luxury yacht has more flexible schedules. They also feature a fully-air conditioned salon that can accommodate 18-20 people. All three meals are covered -- breakfast, lunch and dinner; and they also serve tea, coffee and mineral water if you want some.

A sailing vacation with luxury yacht charters is that royalty vacation one can only dream of.

Now, where can you go on a sailing vacation in Asia?

Asia is blessed with vast sea water and tropical sunshine. The best months to sail away are from November to August, where rainstorms are rare.

Best places to visit are the Andaman Sea, Malaysia, and Thailand. The Andaman Sea expedition lets you take a glimpse of different countries surrounding it such as Mergui Archipelago of Burma, the Strait of Malacca in Malaysia, and Similan Islands in Thailand.

This voyage is well-known for its picturesque nature, crystal clear sea water and diving spots. The area allows for year round travel due to continuous source of sunshine and seldom does this area experience typhoons and thunderstorms -- perfect for that winter sail people from colder regions desire.

Other Destinations on your luxury Asian Yacht Charter?

You can also sail along the coasts of Malaysia. Islands on the northeast coast of Malaysia are enthralling and captivating for a sailing vacation. Langkawi and Penang islands are among the largest islands of the country and what is a better way to explore and discover the islands than a luxury Asian yacht charter?

Many smaller islands within the vicinity can only be reached by boat. Malaysia is a gastronomic delight with a mixture of Thai, Indonesian, and Indian cuisine, one can enjoy culinary pleasure.

You may also want to sail to Thailand with Phuket as your base for your sailing. The area for sailing from Phuket is extensive as it is conveniently located close to Burma, Malaysia and Indonesia.

But if you want to stay within Thailand, there are islands so divine like Pang Nag Bay with cliffs rising mightily from the turquoise water, and Koh Phi Phi with isolated bays and pearly white sand beaches.

Truly Asia, with its marvellous weather and charming nature, it is no wonder why more and more people would want to sail away there.

For your dream vacation and to find out more about Asian yacht charters in Singapore see their website!

Article Source: Ezine Articles by Rebecca Anison 

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