Best Sailing Holidays!

Where are the best sailing holidays?

Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover!”

- Mark Twain

Did you know that 70% of the world is water? So where are the best sailing holidays in this amazing aquatic play ground our planet has to offer?  

Imagine sultry summer days and nights in tropical island escapes,  where there's unlimited adventure, exploring pristine beaches and swimming in azure seas. 

If you are not capturing the sea breeze sailing from one tropical island to another, you could be submerged in clear waters diving amongst magnificent coral formations observing creatures of the sea.

You can visit places where you can embrace the colourful culture and picture postcard architecture.

You may want to spend more time ashore at different destinations, go exploring inland then you will need to be prepared.

And it all depends on whether you want to go on an offshore cruise or coastal, whether you intend to sail to your desired destination or fly and yacht charter once you are there.

These are some of the best sailing holidays and are great for a couple or a familyWhere ever your dream destination may be for a holiday or a life time of cruising, you can experience some incredible and exotic places!

Destinations For Your Best Sailing Holidays!

  • Where are the best sailing holidays on your own yacht?
  • Can you get yacht charters if you fly to these destinations?
  • Aside from sailing what other experiences can you expect?


With majestic twin mountains of Gower and Lidguard, their summits shrouded in mist.  Emerald and turquoise waters of the crystal-clear lagoon. When we sailed to Lord Howe Island.  Why not experience sailing holidays here.  Read more.... 


Auckland, called the city of sails' always a different island to visit and explore.  New Zealand sailors are some of the best in the world so why not combine a holiday not only sailing around the islands off Auckland but sailing the pictures Bay of Islands.  Read more....

Asian Luxury Charters:

Asian yacht charters are relatively cheaper than other yacht charters and increasingly gaining popularity as a destination. People can explore exquisite and exotic cultural heritage partnered with stunning natural beauty plus.  Read More


Australia is full of wondrous sights, from spectacular beaches, unique wildlife, lush rainforests and winding waterways for sailing holidays.   Sydney Harbour with its iconic Opera House and Harbour bridge could just be the start of  your best sailing holiday adventure in Australia.  Read more....



If you have never taken a sailing vacation, you are in for a treat and learning a few tricks about sailing etiquette will make it even more enjoyable. The first time your sails fill with wind and you find yourself gliding through the blue waters of the British Virgin Islands.  Read more....


An exotic getaway - The experience of spending a vacation on a luxury charter yacht on the magnificent Greek islands. Greece provides different groups of islands, all have unique features.  High on the list for best sailing holidays.  Read More... 



Sailing holidays in the Whitsunday Islands, Australia make you catch your breath at the beauty of the azure waters and white sandy beaches fringed with palm trees. The 74 tropical islands are nestled besides the Great Barrier Reef which is World Heritage. Read  more....


Hamilton Island is situated in the middle of the Whitsunday Islands and is the biggest and most developed of the islands with its own airfield.  The Hamilton Island Race week is renowned as Australia's blue ribbon sailing regatta with national and international yachts competing.  Read more.... 


Hawaii yacht charters allow you to sail around the most beautiful coastline in the world. You can include sunset dinner charters, event charters, activity charters and charters for formal occasions, such as weddings.  



Croatia is known for its unbelievable coastline, it has everything you need for a perfect getaway. It has the history, the sun and the seaside along with so much more.  Put this on your list for best sailing holidays! Read more...



Costa del Sol stretches along the coast of the Mediterranean from the area of Gibraltar to Malaga and is the mecca for some of the best sailing on the planet!  There are several Yacht Charter and Yacht Brokerage operations within the marina complex.   Read more....


There is no finer way to truly relax than a Caribbean Sailing Vacation! Deciding what islands to explore during your sailing vacation is the hard part. Nothing can be easier than packing for a sailing vacation in the Caribbean.  Read more....


The French Riviera on a shoestring budget!  Find an area you like and you feel relaxed in, it's hard to imagine moving on to explore further afield. The Iles de Lerins just off Cannes is one of those places. But you don't have to be rich!  Read more....  Get a berth in St Tropaz  Read about it!


If you take a look at a map of the Indian Ocean you'll immediately understand the remote nature of the Seychelles islands. This will be an amazing sailing holiday it is a small archipelago so far from any other bit of land that it's been dubbed to be worthy of the title of lost jungle paradise. 

Read more....


Turkey's jagged azure blue southwest coastline was a family-friendly adventure that was like no other and surpassed all our expectations. Our gullet, a traditional wooden Turkish yacht.  Read more...


The magic when you sail Phuket, Thailand is that it has a flawless reputation among sailing circles and tourists in general for lovely weather, beautiful scenery and perfect beaches. Read more....


Often people ask what my favourite destination was in our sailboat travels. After twenty-five years, I still love the archipelago of S.E. Alaska so? It was everything; it was nothing. It was the beginning of a new adventure. Read more....


The Canadian Gulf Islands, in the south-western corner of British Columbia, are world famous for their natural beauty. This area has been referred to as the Mediterranean of the Northwest. Read more....


At the south point of Florida, there is a chain of islands 170 miles long that is embedded in turquoise water. This is the Keys, bordered by the unique living coral reef in the United States.    Read more...

Look at more information on popular island hopping destinations and island groupings. Find out how island hopping can be part of an exciting outdoor adventure life. 

Have I sailed to even half of these destinations ....... No! They are on my dream list!! May be you'll find your self addicted and what to continue to explore many sailing holidays and what activities to do while sailing!

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