Challenges and Rewards!
By Gary Pierce

The challenges and rewards of living on a sailboat...Since we lived full-time on a sailboat for eight years in the Caribbean we have experienced both... Let's examine the things that challenged us first.

Challenges of Sailboat Lifestyle! 

Some of the challenges in sailboat living are:

·         Maintenance, the marine environment can be harsh

·         Communications...easier than you might think

·         Passage making...getting from one land mass to another

Living on a sailboat requires some basic maintenance skills... After all having a leak in a sailboat is more serious than having a dripping faucet in a home.

One of the first skills that is necessary to obtain is to know how water can get into the boat... And how you can stop the flow of this water.

The good news, is that in eight years we found the maintenance skills required were minimal and easy to learn... This combined with the cheap labor available in the Caribbean where we sailed made maintenance a breeze.

Communicating would seem to be a big challenge. Most boats contain a single side-band radio for long-range worldwide communications...almost all boats contained a VHF radio good for short range communication... Say 5 miles.

With a single side-band radio you are able to receive weather reports... And if you are patient in waiting for good weather this should be sufficient from keeping you from attempting a passage in bad weather conditions.

Passage Making!

The challenges of passage making may seem daunting... But if you are patient and wait for favorable sea and wind conditions... Passage making becomes safe and very comfortable.

We figured that we were stationary 98% to 99% of the time we were in the Caribbean... If the seas were not calm, and the winds light, we stayed put...waiting once for 25 days in Martinique, not a bad place to wait for improving weather, before leaving a safe and sheltered harbor.

What are the Rewards?

The rewards of living on a sailboat are easier to visualize when you realize that common sense and patience will enable you to overcome the challenges of such a lifestyle.

If you never get in a hurry you will never be caught in a challenging weather situation... If you use common sense you'll never feel unsafe... We never had a unsafe situation in the eight years that we lived in the Caribbean.

The sailboat lifestyle was very safe, fun and frugal that we enjoyed with many other like-minded people that we met in our eight years living on our own sailboat.

Our story is a little more interesting when you realize that four years before we sailed to the Caribbean on our own boat... We had never stepped foot on a sailboat of any kind.

If this story of how we did it is of interest to you, see below... it will tell you, step-by-step, how you can too.  Live the Dream

Get your copy of Live the on a sailboat in the Caribbean...  it will show you step-by-step, how two non-sailor's, enjoyed life for eight wonderful fun and safe years living on their own boat in the Caribbean... If we can do it you can do it.

Gary Pierce is the webmaster of  Frugal Retirement Living, he retired early at 49, he is still retired at 66.

He has experienced some of the retirement realities that baby boomers are facing. He can show you how to make lemonade from the lemons the baby boomer generation has been dealt. It is 2012 and many are wondering if they can ever can still retire. Don't give up until you check out this website.

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