Cooking on a Yacht!
By Jess Holley

Cooking on yacht charters, races and longer delivery routes can be a big task.  Here are some simple tips to create a varied menu.

Take a look at your galley and what equipment you have.  With a basic oven, limited space and a heeling boat - cooking interesting meals for groups of people can be a challenge.

We believe quality food and variety is important. So we thought we would share some of our secrets.

Preparation's Most Important! 

1.   Preparation, preparation, preparation! 

Be prepared and make as much as you can before you set sail. Frozen food stays frozen in a yacht's fridge for up to a week (just do not forget to get that days dinner out in the morning or it will be iced lasagna for everyone).

2.   Be creative: Limited space does not mean limited cooking. From BBQs (yes we have a BBQ on-deck) to sushi rolls.

Everything is possible.  Just think ahead and plan your menu to suit your sailing route. E.g. do not plan sushi rolls or salad if you are sailing upwind in a force 7!

Cooking Before Leaving!

3.   Pre-cook your breakfast: Cook sausages and bacon before you leave the marina so you just need to heat them up the next morning. There is nothing better at 4am than a sausage sandwich.

4.   Foil dishes transformed our racing menu: Make individual meals in small foil dishes writing the name of the meal on the lid - then freeze them.

People can choose the meal they want each evening and you can heat them ready for the start of a night watch. Much better than having to heat a lukewarm pan of stew the last watch half ate 2 hours ago.

Thinking Ahead!

5.   Keep flasks of hot drinks in the galley: When you boil the kettle make some tea or coffee, boil more water than you need. This water is not waste.

Instead use the excess to fill thermos flasks so, the crew on watch, can just pop down and grab a drink without needing to disturb people that are sleeping.

Quality and variety of food is essential on-board. We will keep you posted with our next tips for cooking on a boat from the Med - including some recipe recommendations.

Jess Holley

Tangaroa Yacht Charters 

Article Source: Ezine Articles

To learn more about how to provision your yacht for an offshore voyage especially for an extended time can be quite daunting for some more hints on both provisioning and galley cuisine can be found on my website!  Check them out! 

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