Croatia Sailing Getaway
By Naomi Wilson

People don't automatically think about a Croatia sailing getaway. When they go on holiday they instantly think of renting a car.  It can often be the best way to see the country that you are visiting. Maybe you prefer to drive off into the countryside or through a busy city; it's nice to have the freedom and flexibility on hand.

However have you ever thought of renting a boat instead?

In many countries it is their coastlines that are the main attraction and what is better than travelling along the beautiful coastline, visiting the lively towns, the small fishing villages and the peaceful undiscovered areas.

Croatia's Coastline:

When you have chartered a boat, it means that you can do all the above in your own time and go any direction you want. You get to have the freedom to explore the country as you wish as well as relaxing by the water or on a sandy beach.

Here are some reasons why Croatia is the top of my "holiday to do" list. It is known for its unbelievable coastline, it has everything you need for a perfect Croatia sailing getaway. It has the history, the sun and the seaside along with so much more. 

Croatia Sailing Getaway Islands:

A good way to see the coastal islands is sailing, Croatia is most popular with water-sports, sailing and all activities to do with water.

The country gets a lot of tourists travelling along the coast, much travel by bus but even more travel by boat.

As there are so many activities along the seaside resorts, visitors are really spoilt for choice. Island hopping is one of the biggest pulls for tourists, and with over 1000 islands you won't get stuck for something to do or see.

The largest islands are Kruk and Cres, in the Adriatic Sea just above the Dalmatia coast.

Pearl of the Adriatic:

Dubrovnik is probably the most known city in Croatia for its medieval history and its great nightlife. It is at the bottom of the coastline and often the starting point for many sailing Croatia's seas.

Dubrovnik is known as the "Pearl of the Adriatic", it is really a must see city. If you don't want to spend all day and all night on the boat why not use Dubrovnik as your hub. Stay in the city and venture out each day to a new place.

You can go anywhere when sailing, Croatia has so much to offer. It is down to you to make the most of its amazing coastline.

Naomi Wilson is the Product Development Manager for Activity Breaks, who offer exciting weekend breaks & activity holidays. For further information on Croatia Sailing Holidays visit their website.

Article Source:  Ezine Articles by Naomi Wilson

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