Marina Services in a Nutshell
By Harvey McEwan

What marina services are available?

For anyone new to the world of yachting or even the occasional seasoned yachtsman, the array of services offered by marinas may seem overwhelming but every single one plays a crucial role in the upkeep of your boat or your boating holiday experience.

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the facilities and services you could come across at a top class marina.

Marina Berths:

Berths are used to secure yachts to land while they are static. They form the basis of any marina, and determine its size or how many boats it can accommodate at any one time. Berths are usually formed as a series of piers covered in decking to make it easy for people to walk along them.

As yacht sizes vary, so do berth sizes. It's vital to check before your departure whether the marina you have planned to moor your boat at is able to welcome a vessel as large or small as yours, and what marina services they offer.

Marina Services & Security:

The best marinas provide 24-hour security to make sure no unauthorized persons have access to the boats.

This lets you enjoy your travels without worrying as to whether something might have gone wrong with your boat. It's also simply reassuring to know someone is on the spot to alert you if anything goes wrong with your vessel.

Fuel Service:

One of the most important marina services offered worldwide is refuelling. Just like most forms of modern vehicle, yachts rely on fuel to be powered. Marinas will have specialists on hand to help you or take care of the refuelling for you.

A great example of a fully serviced marine facility is the Atlantic Yacht Basin in Chesapeake, Virginia.  Even if you don’t live in the area take a look for some excellent boating tips!  Click on the link ...

Laundry Facilities:

You'll likely have spent a considerable period of time on-board your yacht before berthing at a marina. It's therefore only natural you'll have collected a pile of laundry.

Most modern marinas are equipped with laundry facilities for you to be able to wash your linen, clothing and towels.

Waste Removal:

Just as you'll have acquired dirty laundry, so too you'll have collected rubbish en route. The most is usually produced in the kitchen for cooking.

Whatever you do, don't discard of rubbish in the sea. The world's waters are dangerously polluted as is. Wait until you've berthed your yacht at a marina where waste disposal is readily available. The most contemporary marinas even offer recycling facilities for glass, paper, plastic and cans.

Pump-out Facilities:

Yachts are fully equipped to be lived in so inbuilt bathrooms and toilets are essential. Obviously, the waste water produced cannot be pumped into the sea, it has to be safely gotten rid of.

Marinas provide pump-out facilities for this particular purpose. It's the safest, most logical and environmentally-friendly way for you to dispose of the waste water.

Personal Care Facilities:

As washroom facilities on board tend to be a bit cramped, many marinas provide personal care facilities with a bit more room for your hygiene and beauty routines.

Deck Wash:

It's common around the world from marinas in the Middle East to marinas in the Caribbean to provide deck wash services. This is an affordable luxury for yacht owners that see your deck given a good clean so it's ready not only for you but also guests. It also saves you from having to do the hard graft yourself!

These are the basic marina services in a nutshell.

Harvey McEwan writes to offer information and advice on a variety of areas, from the best marinas in the Middle East to festival fashion tips. View Harvey's other articles to find out more.

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