How to Prevent Boat Theft!
By Louise Goldstein    

Your boat is one of your most expensive assets so how can you prevent boat theft?

 Insured or not, it will cause you no great pleasure if it gets stolen.

But boats, because of their value and, often, because of the negligence of their owners, can be such attractive things to steal.

How, then, can you prevent your boat from getting stolen?

Prevent Boat Theft Secure your boat:

This is very basic. Never leave your boat unattended with the keys in the ignition - or worse, with the engine idling! Always lock your ignition switches. You can also install a remote power cut-off switch.

If you're leaving your boat in the water, chain it to the dock.

If you need to leave your boat's trailer in the driveway, park another vehicle in front of it if you can. It's also a good idea to remove at least one trailer tire.

Close all window curtains, do not leave valuables inside the boat, and lock all outboard motors and fuel tanks. Always use a hatch lock.

Of course, it is best to store your boat in a locked garage. Even then, make sure your boat is attached with a high-security chain to a fixed object such as a large post.

Install an Alarm System:

If anybody dares try to run away with your boat, a good ear-piercing alarm system just may scare them away. If it doesn't, the system will still alert you and your neighbours that something is amiss.  This is a good way to prevent boat theft.

Alarm systems do not need to be expensive. You do need to be sure, though, that the alarm you get is right for boating use.

An alarm system designed for dryer environments may malfunction when exposed to marine elements and would defeat the purpose of purchasing one in the first place.

Incidentally, it's not just theft alarms that you need to install to protect your boat. Often, it's a good idea to install smoke alarms as well, in case of fire.

Mark your boat and all equipment in it:

Use an engraver to permanently mark your boat, trailer, electronics, and other equipment with your hull identification number and your driver's license number. Your boat itself will probably already have this mark anyway, but it's unlikely that the trailer and other equipment do too.

Make sure the mark is in an obscure location. You don't want the thief to easily see it and erase it..

While these marks will not necessarily prevent boat theft and other equipment from getting stolen, these will help in the recovery and identification process that follows.

Don't forget to record this hull identification number, and keep a copy of that record outside of your boat.

Also, take pictures of your boat and equipment. Do this from all angles. This will also assist in the recovery process should a theft occur

Get proper insurance:

A theft will definitely be much less of a headache and heartache if your boat is insured. While it is certainly best to prevent boat theft in the first place, when all else fails, a good UK marine insurance policy could be your only consolation.

It's a small price to pay for protecting one of your most valuable assets - and it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Shop around and find the best deal for you.

Looking for boat insurance speak to a Marine Insurance specialist

Article Source: Ezine Article – Louise Goldstein

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