How to Retire Now!
Beat the Economy!

You can retire now! 

If you are like a lot of my struggling friends you are going to ask how? 

How ‘when I have a mortgage or rent to pay’….’when the cost of livings so high, the power bill, rates, fuel, bills …bills …bills ...I’ll be working till I die!’ 

I hear that all the time from ladies I know that are well past retirement age… some even into their 70’s.  

They are stressed beyond belief and their health is suffering, they look worn out and so they should when they are just working to barely survive and pay their bills.

So is there another way? 

Live Life on Your Terms:

Yes because I’m living it …..and even back into my 40’s I have always taken mini retirements of several months to a year off work and lived really well…. Travel, entertainment, restaurants and all stress free! 

Most people work all their lives to retirement age and hope they have enough saved, superannuation and their health to enjoy it…. If today’s economy and all its pitfalls don’t overtake them first. 

My life may not be for you … but you could adapt it, modify it and live life on your terms!

So how do I avoid all the pitfalls of a large number of ladies, especially ones on their own that I know! 

How do I live on my terms?

How to Retire Now & Enjoy Lifestyle:

Seventeen years of sailing on my yacht and my love of the ocean has made it easier for me.  A yacht is your home; it has everything you need on board to sail to any coastal or offshore anchorage.  When sailing you live a simple life enjoying nature and travel at its best.

Sailing allowed me to have a lot of mini retirements sailing Auckland waters and the Bay of Islands, Lord Howe Island and the East Coast of Australia to and around the Whitsunday Islands

The top photo at Middle Percy Island, Queensland, Australia.

And it’s easy to retire when the lifestyles so cheap, the wind is free and you sail as much as possible because that’s what you love. 

You don’t use much fuel, don’t need a lot of expensive clothes, and there are very few bills; insurances were my biggest ones and that was my choice.

There’s a lot more on the cost of cruising you can read on other pages on this site.

Is There Any Other Way?

But living on a yacht and sailing is not for everyone … not for some of the ladies I mentioned earlier. 

So what’s another option?

Another way to retire now and beat the economy is ….what I am doing right now! 

Living on a house boat! 

For me I’m still on the water, I can still explore different bays, and I can live very cheap.  The difference is a house boat is just that a house on water with a lot more mod cons, more room both for living and entertaining on deck.  That's me in my kitchen!

Unfortunately other destinations away from sheltered waters are out of the question. 

What Does it Cost:

Just like other boats they come in all sizes and prices and ownership gives you one less bill and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  A fraction of the cost of a land dwelling.

Whether on a yacht, any other kind of boat, even a houseboat you can choose to live at anchor in a beautiful bay or live in a marina.   Harley my cat is very happy living aboard!

At anchor its free, a very small amount of fuel for boat engines, dinghy engine and generator to run all your mod cons… TV, computer, recharge phone, iron, fridge, you name it on the vessel of your choice. 

And in some cases a yacht fendered … to a houseboat.

Anchor verses Marina:

At anchor you have a beachside home with the biggest swimming pool that you never have to clean and you live at a fraction of the cost of living on land.  So you can retire now!

At a marina there is a cost for the berth, about a third of the cost of living on land where I am on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.  The power and water is included there are great shore facilities, shops, restaurants, entertainment and everything else you can imagine. 

I look across my deck right now and see all the different yachts, motor boats and houseboats that have liveaboards on; it’s a wonderful friendly community. (Below)

So if you are really not into sailing you can live at a marina in a houseboat very cheaply and retire now.

Extra Money:

Still not convinced well there are all the other alternatives to explore like RV’s and house-sitting, its not a 'one size fits all'.  What about a work from home opportunity which I am also doing! 

Yes this web site brings in money… watch the video below ...I’m looking forward to some cruising holidays in the near future and a few other luxuries.  This could be YOU! 

You won’t find me ‘working till I die’ like some of the ladies I speak to, and it applies just as much to couples!  You can retire now but the choice is yours ... explore what will make you happy!

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