Sailing England Lakes District  
Part 1  By Vineeta Greenwood

The United Kingdom is blessed with beautiful lakes. So sailing England Lakes District comes as no surprise as to why many people from all over the world would go to the UK and spend their holidays staying afloat in their sailboats and dinghies. 

When the breeze is right and the sun shines great, expect the UK's lakes to be figured with a number of boats cruising its waters.

The Lakes District, home of UK's great lakes, is one of the most frequented places when it comes to sailing England. With cities like Keswick and Ambleside sitting right at the shores of Derwent Water and Windermere, you can easily check yourself and your stuff in one of Keswick hotels and Ambleside hotels and then go out and just have fun sailing.

Derwent Water Marina!

Derwent Water is the home of the Derwent Water Marina. Located near most of the major Keswick hotels, Derwent Water Marina offers guests with arrays of outdoor activities ranging from mountain climbing, mountain biking, trekking, and sailing. 

If you are interested in cruising and bruising the waters of Derwent Water, the Derwent Water Marina treats novice wind surfers and sailors to beginner's lessons for windsurfing and sailing. They also offer boat brokerage if you happen to tag your boat along for the sailing holiday.

Windermere in Lake District also provides a great venue for boating and sailing. Surrounded with majestic views of rolling hills lined with green shrubs and summits capped with snow, one can really definitely have the time of their life by just sailing in this lake.

If you are staying in one of Ambleside hotels, you can be sure you'll find a number of businesses that offers sailing trips and courses in Windermere.

South Windermere Sailing Club

The South Windermere Sailing Club offers a variety of sailing courses and programs for novice to adept sailing racers. Located at Fell Foot in the National Trust Park, South Windermere Sailing Club is a great place for families and friends to take time and enjoy the lakeside.

Apart from sailing, the club also features facilities such as a clubhouse, changing rooms with showers, and some lakeside features for those who prefer to stay dry and enjoy the lake from its shores.

Sailing England Lakes

Lake District has a number of beautiful lakes and hundreds of sailing parks and marinas. If you plan to spend your vacation sailing in this part of the world, you might as well check a hotel price comparison site and see if there are hotels in the Lake District that is hooked to any sailing organizations and whether you can nab yourself a great sailing trip.

For more on sailing England’s Great Lakes and activities …..Go to this link! 

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