Sailing My Story!

Why did I decide to take up sailing?

Sailing my story .... what made me take up sailing and eventually sail oceans?  It all began with a marriage break up and because my home was on a cliff-top, in Auckland New Zealand. I would marvel at the yachts riding waves of gold as the sun set over the islands, envy those on board and the endless horizons they were capable of exploring.

It was at this time I picked up the phone, dialed a number in the local paper … a phone call that was to change my life!

Alan Wright ...A Brilliant Teacher:

It was a 4 day course taught by Alan Wright, a boat designer and builder, a patient and brilliant teacher. I learnt the basics and Alan became my inspiration on how it should be … fun, exhilarating and a challenge. 

My ambition was to buy a yacht… this resulted in several comments. “There are so many men who own boats and they’re always looking for crew!”

But I am far too independent to be sitting by the phone waiting for an invite. And it isn’t in my nature to be just a galley slave. Then there are the ones that have Captain Bligh fantasies and being yelled at is not my idea of fun.

I came to the conclusion that any yacht I was to buy I had to be able to handle it on my own . I never wanted to have to rely on finding crew.

I Purchased a Yacht:

I purchased Levitation, a Cavalier 32, (32 feet in length)and over a four year period I became very familiar with all the islands in the Hauraki Gulf, and later the Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

I belonged to the Gulf Harbour Sailing Club where Sir Peter Blake was a patron and I heard him give an awe inspiring talk after circumnavigating the world in the big catamaran Enza with Alan Wright’s son. 

That is how sailing my story became my passion I was always out on the water with friends and family…. I loved those days.  But I wanted to return to more immediate family in Australia.

Sailing My Story.... My Adventures:

I brought her up to standard for ocean crossing with a lot of preparation and on a limited budget, and sailed her across the Tasman to Australia via Lord Howe Island.

The waters off the Gold Coast, Australia soon bored me with nowhere to go once you crossed the Southport seaway and too many sandbanks in the Broadwater. 

So there came a time to sail up the East Coast of Australia to the Whitsundays …. Where I found a wonderful playground of magic Islands and this was only a short distance from my family. 

I have been cruising for over 17 years now; I live in the amazing Whitsundays, home of the Great Barrier Reef and 74 tropical islands on the east coast of Australia. 

I spend a lot of time sailing solo and never quite found the same sailing camaraderie that I did in New Zealand.

I get asked a lot of questions from other women who share the dream, we have a common bond and we love swapping stories and ideas.

Sailing has changed my life; I’m always learning something new and meeting amazing people, it is one long adventure.

"Take control of your life's compass, set your course, and steer directly into the manifestation of your desires!"

- Bob Proctor

If you are new to sailing …. have you ever wondered what it would be like to own your own yacht, the cost and how to go about it!  I hope that sailing my story has let you know that you can do it if you have a dream! 

And if you want to turn your dream whatever it may be... to finance your lifestyle watch this YouTube!!

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