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This page is on sailing resources and links for all travellers.  For many on this site our preferred way of transport is by yacht … to amazing destinations whether in our own land or across oceans to exotic ports.  And its at these fantastic destinations we want to explore inland.

There are places which aren’t surrounded by water that appeal to our wanderlust mind set, and sense of adventure..... For these we may have to jump aboard a plane or car or train, maybe charter a yacht and these destinations are well worth it.

I have listed some websites here so you can continue on a journey of discovery and whet your appetite for places you may not have thought of, research them and may be even visit them!

There are also some related sites that I hope you enjoy too!

Travel Destinations:

A Minnesota travel guide hosted by a lifelong Minnesota resident. Find tips about Minnesota family vacations, romantic vacations in Minnesota and the best Minnesota vacation destinations. Minnesota festivals, activities and four season fun are featured. 

Hotels in Sark and throughout the rest of the English Channel Islands. Along with ideas and details for hotels near marinas for Europe. All the activities of these popular areas check out this web site.

North Carolina:  There is nothing like going out on the water. From getting your gear ready to letting the wind fill your sails, it is the most amazing feeling in the world and North Carolina is a great place to enjoy the beautiful sunset out on water. For more information on sailing in North Carolina visit this page. 

Yacht Charters World Wide:

French & Italian Riviera   Relax in luxury as you embrace the Mediterranean way of life.  Play water sports, sightsee, and dine in local haunts, whether you’re looking for an idyllic romantic getaway, some action-packed family fun, a break in the sun with friends or a corporate sailing getaway. - Charter Link

Caribbean Charter This is one of the most distinctive regions in the world. Because each island has its own culture, customs and cuisine, and revels in its own music, dance and natural beauty, you can island-hop forever and never come close to repeating an experience. - Charter Link

Whitsunday Islands have some of the best sailing waters on the planet.  You will be in awe of its 74 tropical islands in the turquoise waters of the Coral Sea. Take the opportunity to explore one of the world’s greatest wonders, the Great Barrier Reef which is World Heritage listed. - Charter Link 

Akaroa Charter New Zealand, 75 kilometres from the city of Christchurch is historic French and British settlement nestled in the heart of an ancient volcano.

It has colonial architecture, galleries, craft stores, and cafés. Explore the dramatic outer bays and take your time to soak in the magic of this area on a sailing charter. -  Charter Link

Hawaii yacht charters allow you to sail around the most beautiful coastline in the world.

Enjoy the balmy winds of the Hawaiian Islands and sunbathe on the deck of the yacht.   

Seychelles The Tropical Paradise in the Indian Ocean, the beauty of these islands is undeniable and with their secluded position, wonderful weather, predictable winds, calm waters all year round and many itinerary possibilities.

Wedding Charter:  Ever thought of a wedding on a yacht? Why have a boring wedding in a stuffy old building when you could have an exciting wedding close to nature. It is your 'Big Day' after all!

Adventure Travel:

Women Who Travel Solo  If you would like to know how to choose destinations and modes of transport when going travelling alone, how to stay safe and what to expect I highly recommend this site.

Jamaica Raggae Music Vacation To vacation here is to explore our culture, artefacts', beaches, tumbling waterfalls, spectacular mountains and the many outdoor activities and attractions, making your vacation a pleasure.  Do visit our Jamaica Reggae Festival Calendar and make plans to attend soon.

Haki Saki brings together Adventure Lifestyle communities.  We connect Adventurers with local classes, events, merchants and activity news. Can recommend this site to all who love adventure on land, sea, air or space! 

Technical & Boat Sites:

Comparing satellite phones is vital to matching the mission critical needs of your application with the function and capabilities of the respective satellite communications equipment. Ultimately a satellite phone is only as good as the network behind it and each network, Iridium, Inmarsat and Globalstar have various strengths and benefits.  BlueCosmo has a satellite phone comparison guide that covers all of this and more. 

Atlantic Yacht Basin in Chesapeake, Virginia is a great example of a fully serviced marine facility.  Make it your first stop if you go boating in the area.  Even if you don’t live in the area take a look at their site for some excellent boating tips!

Boat Share Australia - With a boat share you can sail your dream yacht…and still have spare cash and spare time to enjoy your other leisure pursuits.

Velo Insurance – For Insurance solutions for all kinds of boats including yachts contact this company for a quote to-day!

All About Houseboats is for the curious, new, beginner, or experienced house boater.  Filled with valuable free tips, Guides, Reviews, articles and FAQ’s related to Houseboats, and House- boating.

Sailing Courses:

RYA Training Course… Learn all about sailing any vessel, coastal or offshore, navigation and seamanship plus know the international rules of the sea. Sailing resources like this are excellent.

Aegean Sailing School - Learning to sail can be one of the most enjoyable experiences you ever have in your life so imagine learning in the Greek Islands! 

Other Travel & Sailing Resources:

Getting Older and still want to keep doing the things you love and learn new things.  Then remember it is important to keep fit! 

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