Finance  a Sea Change!  How?

When you are ready for a sea change

and sailing is your dream.....

  • How do you solve the money issues and keep your finance afloat?
  • Can you make money while cruising?
  • How do other sailors manage?

A sea change is what you’ve dreamed about for years, you've been on sailing holidays and now you’re cruising into retirement, gleefully out to spend your children’s inheritance, sell up your home and cars to buy a yacht and to set sail to new and exciting horizons!

You are following your passion and you can sail to wherever the wind and your finances will allow!

Maybe you have had sailing experience and already have a yacht and just want to go further exploring new shores. You could have chartered a yacht and would like to own your own. 

If you are lucky and planed well you have enough savings to live comfortably on or have a decent pension, investments or superannuation fund. You can now go with the flow, wherever the wind blows and your heart desires, you are amongst the lucky few living the dream!

Can You Make Money & Enjoy a Sea Change?

Some folk who decide on a sea change have a business in their home towns and can conduct it while at sea. With impressive leading edge technology available to blue water sailors and communication which is getting more advanced, distance is not an issue and air travel is readily available. These sailors are in the minority. 

Not all sailors want to wait till retirement age, they are not happy with short sailing holidays, many accelerate the sea change and with a spirit of adventure throw caution to the wind, cast off from the safe harbor and go cruising but have to stop periodically to fill up the kitty.

Some in professions find their jobs very portable and can do relief work in teaching, office work and most trades can get short term work.

Round the East Coast of Australia working in the mines can bring in some excellent income and with not as much pay jobs like fruit picking or working on commercial cruise boats. 

On notice boards at marinas you often find sailors in the marine industry will do jobs on boats to supplement their cruising kitty on short stays, painting or trades like mechanical work on motors or electrics, basic shipwright jobs!

How do Other Sailors Manage Financially?

It has always been on my mind that I wanted to make an income and pursue my dreams at the same time. A sea change without having to take long breaks to earn more money. Over the last few years I have tried a number of different things and have still had to go back to working at a regular job.

Travel writing jobs are still a great option; a lot of sailors keep a journal with some fantastic stories that could be told to increase the cruising kitty.

I have done some writing about my sailing adventures for Cruising Helmsman, a popular sailing magazine in Australia, and received a small income.

Ask others what their working while sailing experience is like. 

Writing & Hobbies Turn Into Money:

Sailing magazines are often looking for adventure and travel articles. Cruising Helmsman welcomes freelance contributions but they must meet certain standards so contact the editor first.

Some hobbies and crafts work well at local markets, and in stop over’s a stall can be set up to make a few dollars to help with your finance and dream of a sea change.

So I tried this angle and I had a stall at Airlie Beach markets, in the Whitsundays Australia. It was a lot of fun but not enough money.

I published a motivational book on sea quotes with some excellent sailing images and photos of the Whitsunday Islands. Australia. I sold dozens of them and think most people in the area have Dare to Dream they were bought for presents and sent to many places worldwide. 

One of the amazing things to come out of the present economic climate is that its not just sailors that want to go cruising that are looking for alternate ways to earn an income and stop stressing about finance and job security.

Internet & Web Sites Make Money:

Millions are turning to web sites, E-Bay, Google Adsence, Affiliate Programs and shops on line, to be their own boss .... and some are earning more than they ever had in a regular job. Getting an economic stimulus cheque .... from any where they choose to be in the world!

It is well worth your time checking out what’s available and what suits you and the time you can allocate it! 

I have discovered it is possible to make money while enjoying your passion, while living your dream any where in the world .......

I am on a fantastic journey exploring proven ways to make a close to passive income, there is still work involved but very enjoyable work, the money has already started to come in ... not a get rich quick ... just a start! 

If you desire a sea change this could be something to consider, and look at what your budget should be.

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