Sexy Sailors!

On the topic of sexy sailors Dr. Hijgen Krachtig stated "As a scientist, one should always be surprised when common knowledge turns out to be true!”

The Yachting Monthly published an article on May 7th 2009 entitled....

Sailors make better lovers - Official:

‘Sailors have a higher sex drive than other mortals, according to a new study by boffins in raunchy Amsterdam.

The Onzin Institute's four-year study, Environmental Effects on the Virility Index, astounded even the program's Director, Dr. Hijgen Krachtig, who said, "As a scientist, one should always be surprised when common knowledge turns out to be true," reports 

The study is part of a larger project which is attempting to measure human sexual drive, ability and potency on a standardized scale, called the Virility Index.  

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The study itself took a group of 2,000 Dutch couples and measured the subject's reaction to several stimuli. 

Using a number of sensors, including heat-sensing video cameras, a blood-enzyme monitor, multiple skin and scalp sensors, and something called a "self-calibrating turgidity anchor".

Sexy Sailors & Other Experiments:

The second part of the study measured the couples during actual lovemaking, and then the results of both experiments were collected and cross-referenced with the subject's personal data to provide the results for both individuals, and couples.

And those who listed "boating/sailing" among their top three activities scored, on average, nearly double that of any other group. (And we know that not all sexy sailors are male ... that goes for us women too ... But we knew that!)

The same thing with occupation: Those whose job was listed as "maritime" scored much higher than those who worked on land.

Motion of the Ocean:

"We think that it may have something to do with the inner ear, or it may be due to the strengthening of core muscles as the body compensates for the rocking motion found at sea" said Dr. Krachtig.

"Although one of my colleagues has suggested that maybe sailors are just better used to making love in uncomfortable environments."  

(And we can add to that ... often smaller bunks ... even cramped conditions. And of course less artificial entertainment ... ) A follow-up questionnaire did not find any significant difference between the displacement or type of craft sailed.

The individual's or couple's virility index score, indicating that it is not the size of the boat which makes the difference, but rather the motion of the ocean.’ So there you have it, something we always knew now science has taken the time to study, dissect and confirm that we are all just a bunch of sexy sailors!!

Results of the Study:

To summaries this study on sexy sailors some of the reasons they make better lovers may be due to....

  • Strengthening of core muscles due to motion of the ocean 
  • It could have something to do with the inner ear
  • Making love in uncomfortable and cramped environments
  • Less artificial entertainment

Hope you are all enlightened!!!!

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