Single Sailors and Virtual Dating!  

Single sailors and virtual dating!  Single sailors are  turning to live video chats as a  form of connecting?  Dating has always been tricky, but since the start of the Pandemic, Covid 19, it has further impacted the dating scene making it even harder to meet, make connections and find love.  It doesn't need to be find your perfect sailing partner here …     Register Free!

Adding to that difficulty is the closures of bars, restaurants, and social distancing guidelines!  And single sailors that live-aboard can feel even further isolated.

Single Sailors Dating in Pandemic!

Having a first date by live video and chat is the new norm in our Covid and self-distancing world!  You may have just met another single sailor online, could be a local sailor or someone across the ocean!   

If you are local how do you handle the issues of self-quarantine and self-distancing let alone masks?  One suggestion is both have a Corona Virus Test first and if you're up for it create your own quarantine pod .... maybe even on a yacht could be sailing into the sunset! 

The main thing is just having the conversation!   

How are you going to connect via video as a single sailor?  What are some tips to make it successful, exciting, and fun!

Things You Should Know!

  1. Don’t jump into it on the first contact!   See someone you like; you’ve sent a flirt and started chatting.   To jump into a live video without both agreeing can kill a friendship before it starts.  So now you’re starting to feel comfortable with them and feel it’s worth pursuing.  In 2020 the world and dating has changed so how do we handle the next step.
  2. Ask the question!  Just the same as you would under normal circumstances.  “How would you like to share a glass of wine with me, or a cup of coffee via live video tomorrow at 6pm?”  Along those lines!   Both parties must be OK with a virtual date and seeing each other via video can be daunting, so put each other at ease and make the date ahead of time when both are free to relax and enjoy!  
  1. Why make a time?  If you spring it on them it could backfire!  You could be up to your elbows in grease trying to fix ‘something’ before dark …. A lady having a bad hair day and no makeup on!  And you don’t want a crowd of your sailing mates around trying to get in on the act!  Whether you’re a male or female you should treat this for what it is a first date!  You want to look your best so make sure to put in an effort.    
  2. Set the scene!   This is live video and you’re going to be looking your best on your first date, aren't you?  

TIP:  Don't sit right on top of the computer or devise, if you are up close it's not a very flattering look and if you have flaws it will magnify them. Sit back and relax! 

 Now how about your background?  Dirty dishes in the sink, tools lying all round your boat is going to detract from the impression you want to make.  Make sure there is no distraction from TV or loud music! 

If it’s possible can you sit on the deck of your yacht at sunset with a glass of wine and nibbles to share some good conversation via live video as the sun goes down!   Or light some candles .....mood lighting makes it more romantic. Or if you want it more casual have a coffee and biscuits if that’s more your thing!  

Use your imagination!   To lighten things up you could play board games or cards.  This is a virtual date so make it fun and light-hearted!  

Single Sailors and Virtual Dating!

Have a Live Virtual Date Today!  This is how!  Register on ... It's FREE and so easy!

Live Video & Chat Calls -

1.  Login and on your home page click the 'Online Now' button to view Members online.   

2.  Click any Member online. 

3.  You will then see Live Video & Live Chat buttons, under their image.   

4. Click one and you will get a popup screen. 

5. The Chat has a separate popup, for short sentencing, click enter or return to display your message. 

6. The Video also has a chat panel, use enter or return to post. The other user will get notification you are on line.  If you don't make a time, or they don't click yes to accept your Video call you will not see them! 

So make sure you make a time via Chat, the Chat Room or Messaging them!  You can expand the screen from the corners.

Welcome aboard if you are ready to go?  Enjoy talking to single sailors locally and around the world on live video by registering and joining Join Now!

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