Single Sailors!

Single sailors!  I ‘m sure there are hundreds of thousands of them around the world! But they may not necessarily be solo sailors!

"I’m hoping for a cruising partner to materialize somewhere along the line but if not  I'll be going alone 'cause life is too short to wait

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Solo Sailor or Single Sailors?

What is the difference?  A solo sailor will sail alone ... either because they like it that way or they have little choice as they don’t have a partner who sails or can’t find suitable crew ... so if they are going to follow their passion and sail ...its solo!

If you are single and enjoy sailing ... this does not mean that you don’t have friends who sail, a club where there are always skippers looking for crew, just for a day out or a fun race, or if you own a yacht a ready crew you can sail with.

There are always skippers going off shore or extended cruising looking for crew too. Look on the notice boards at sailing clubs or in sailing magazines. 

Funny enough, in saying all that having someone to sail with when you are single like me is not always easy.

Friends say they would love to come out with you but other things get in the way … and you are often left with excuses, so I know I just gave up in the end.

And there are the single sailors that are out there looking for love, a soul mate, someone to share their passion ... Oh and sailing too ... Go on extended cruises, share this adventurous lifestyle.

Sailors Looking for Love!

There are times that can be very lonely sailing on your own, and no denying the magical times too.

I remember being on a 3 month solo cruise up the east coast of Australia, I was anchored at a beautiful bay, the weather was perfect and it was just on sun set and yes I had a glass of wine in my hand and some nibbles as I sat in the cockpit.

Suddenly alongside me some dolphins leapt out of the water and put on a magnificent display, a commercial vessel motored up closer with its tourists on board, they all had glasses in the their hands and partners to laugh and share the sight of these amazing sea creatures at play.

As the dolphins left and with them the tourist vessel, the sun went down over the land and I felt terribly alone. I didn’t have anyone to share the amazing things I witnessed, the sea creatures the sunsets and sunrises.

Sometimes it’s like that ... lonely!! Sometimes I absolutely love my solitude!

What do Single Sailors say...?

  • "I’m hoping for a cruising partner to materialize somewhere along the line but if not, I'll be going alone cause life is too short to wait for someone else to complete you even if that is what you really want.”
  • "I have lived to be 47 and I am female. It would be nice to find a special guy to live aboard with, but right now a "friend" would be nice! I love sailing, swimming, snorkeling and traveling the seas to distant places. My goal is to live on the sea and get off this crowded land. “
  •  “I am happy with who I am and where I am / what I do ... but then: if only I could find a lifelong best friend, not as in a relationship, but dedicated to each other anyway, sailing around the world ...
  • "I’m 57, female, single by choice (and maybe I want to stay that way, not sure yet ... sail, scuba , swim, snorkel, sand, sea, sun and a lot more S’s! ... no, I didn't mean SKI or SNOW !!!”
  • “I have had quite a few dates who were sailors. But just didn't connect. Oh, well. There’s time to get to know them when out sailing ... and you do learn a lot more than on land about their habits and ways ... But haven’t connected you know a nice sailor out there..... But who and where??? That's the eternal question, ha ha ha ... “
  • “Ok I will just get my own boat as I have had no luck here, (Single Singles Forum) Been looking at some nice ones (boats) and very reasonable. My roommate said she would go with me. So that's the plan.  I figure we will meet people along the way on our journey. I am not waiting either. Too many places to go things to do and people to see!!!  Peace Out!”

Posted on a Forum for Single Sailors:

 “I meet and talk to guys I already know and they look at me as if I am crazy to want to live on a sailboat. They ask me why you want to do that!

This is what I tell them: No more lawn maintenance, you can leave and take your house and belongings with you when your sick of your neighbours, no more knocks on the door at 3am to "crash" at your pad, no traffic jams, stop lights etc; ...... just beautiful sunrises and sunset views all the time (depending on the weather and location), travel to destinations that no car or plane can get to. You get to see places you would never otherwise see unless you sailed.

I also tell them that this world is made up of 75% water 25% land, and the land is getting crowded!! Then they look at me and ask" So when are you getting that sailboat and when are we leaving"!

Most guys I know like the idea. And I agree that the "energy" or "chemistry" has to be there and you both love sailing. And yes it is hard to find that certain someone, but they do exist! I am just going to get my own boat and do this sailing adventure alone, and then possibly meet up with someone, or I could get lucky on here.

Most people can't take off because of their job or kids etc; I am going to be retired by the end of the year. Then I will be free of the RAT RACE!  So you never know!”

So there are some comments by single sailors ... And here I am in one of the most beautiful sailing grounds on the planet, and where was I today, out solo sailing.  But .......

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Why Sail Solo?

I did not feel like asking around! Wanted to go on my terms ... For the time I wanted, wanted to have some quiet time! But in spite of all of that it would be the icing on the cake to have a compatible partner to sail with!

Sailing Singles at Sailing Clubs

Most sailing clubs around the world will have mid-week races and fun races which are a good way to meet other single sailors if that are what you which to do, and more especially to improve your sailing skills.

Whoooops don’t know about that a lot of sailors I know keep a keen eye out for new talent! You see them at the bars and favourite watering holes, the ‘pirate tables’ at clubs .... With one thing on their minds.... Jimmy Buffets song ... “Why don’t we get drunk and ####!” And some are on the lookout for that special someone, or just any one that will think them wonderful!

I often meet the guys with yachts who want someone to sail on theirs ... where does that leave my yacht? Balance ... compromise or noooop! Are we all getting too fussy? No I don’t think so! 

What are some comments and experiences?

“We have races every Wednesday downtown at the marina. It is really is hard to crew up as they are always full. Went out with some crazy guy that was also a novice and he let go of the wheel and said " Take over, I don't feel like doing this!"

So I did and wanted to boot his ass overboard for trying to scare me. I just kept going and then he got scared, so I jibe hoed us around and got us back to the dock safely. What a creep! He had a nice boat, but he was a jerk!”

 Single Sailors at Anchor and Marinas

Yes I'm one of the single sailors!! Sometimes by choice and other times it would be fantastic to have a soul mate to enjoy the lifestyle!!

I have met a lot of single sailors.... and one thing I have discovered ... not sure if it’s the norm is in the marinas sailors take pride in themselves and their boats.... They are mostly clean! I like clean!

At anchor, this is where I find the 'grotty yachties' ... their yachts are a mess and dirty and some of them are not much better!

Now I am swinging off a mooring at present but not a ‘grotty yachtie’ so maybe I have not met the right sailing singles in the male species. Maybe I am too much of a ‘girl’ the way I keep my yacht.

Really would prefer to stay single unless I can find a water person more compatible! Are we looking for too much?

Single Sailors on the Internet

There are a lot of single sailors on web sites where you can have some good conversations with other like minded sailors without getting involved if that’s what you want. Some of the best ones I have come across are American based, but you get comments from around the world too.

It’s a way of sharing and tossing thoughts around with other singles who share your love of sailing. If you’re looking to crew or venture off on an adventure maybe blue water sail you can connect with yachts going to different destinations so sailing singles check them out.

Want to Crew Offshore?

“If you have always wanted to make a blue water Pacific sail, we have space for 3 , departing May 2010, Panama Galapagos to Society Islands, this is our third trip...hands on, share some cost and experience a fantastic trip, time frame needed is about 8 weeks if you’re a diver we have tanks and dive compressor aboard the boat.”

And from a single gal looking ... “So I am a single female, 48yrs young, living in north/central Florida, and I love the water!! And it would be great to find a partner to live aboard with. “

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Single sailors ... Singles ... yes we’re all out there ... Looking for love? ... Yes?  No.... maybe?  But let’s not give up our passion for a little passion ... May be just keep open minds ... And who knows....

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