Solo Sailing!

Solo Sailing why?  

"Sailing is a fantastic challenge: whether racing or cruising, there are many elements beyond our control, which bring a unique excitement and satisfaction.”

Ellen MacArthur's reason!  

Women have been solo sailing for years, many circumnavigating the world, some setting records both in racing and endurance, for others they enjoy the solitude and challenge, the adventure and freedom.

Ellen MacArthur after her record breaking solo circumnavigation of the planet, said "To me sailing is a passion: an intoxicating ride along a path that is totally unpredictable, wild and powerful.”  

So have you ever considered solo sailing?  Want to know more about what inspires or motivates sailors, especially women to take this course?   Find out more about solo sailing!

What is Involved in Solo Sailing?

  • Which yachts are easy for single handed sailing! 

Why Sail Solo?

I initially wanted to learn to sail single handed so that I would not have to rely on finding a crew whenever I wanted to sail. I guess that’s called being in control.

My decision was right for me; when I am on my own I make the decisions, overcome the challenges, fix whatever I can, and when in dicey situations (and boy there’s been some) get out of them!!

All in all this does give me confidence and the opportunity to learn more and understand and do better when it comes to sailing and the environment in which it belongs.

I am very independent and I have never let the fact that I am female or my age limit me in any way. I had a dream … and I would never surrender the dream! 

My dream was to go sailing and own my own yacht!  Although I love the serenity of solo sailing I do love sailing with friends and family, and I have admit it can be very lonely at times.

I think it is very social and it’s always great to share the freedom of this wonderful escape, for a day, a weekend or longer sailing to faraway places.

I do find men like to take control on board and it’s easy to let them. Most women sailors encounter sexism and some would say are classed as second class citizens on boats.

Part of the problem here could be stereotyping, the man could be just trying to help, but ‘taking over’ from ‘the little women’ puts you in the back seat and can damage your confidence.

Jobs should not be divided into ‘pink’ and ‘blue’ jobs, some things on board may need the help of a second person male or female. Men tend to tighten everything so I find it hard to undo, ‘man tight’ I call it.

I guess if we act like equals we are more likely to be treated like equals. And there are other compensations! 

Other Reasons Why People Sail Solo!

There are some I’ve heard around marinas that aren’t so positive…..

  • ‘I don’t have any one to take with me and I don’t want to sail with strangers… sailing solo is a fact of life for me … an undesired fact!’
  • ‘My wife and I had a dream and now she doesn’t want to go! She refuses to go sailing with excuses about the weather and won’t take lessons!’
  • ‘Sailing with crew can be a problem with conflicting personalities and I like harmony at sea I don’t want to have to deal with their fears and lack of sailing experience.’
  • ‘Friends say they want to come out sailing and then never show up, I get sick of waiting round the marina for them, so now I go out alone!’
  • ‘My wife and I sold up our home to follow our dream of cruising, she seemed to think it romantic at 1st then she got fed up with being on a small yacht instead of a house, I’m still cruising … solo … and she’s off following her dream somewhere else!’

Women who go solo sailing also have many different reasons and stories, their adventures are unique and absolutely fascinating!

From the elite solo women sailors in round the world yacht races to the record breakers, the very young to the older sailors they are inspirational.

Then there are the ones you seldom hear of; the ordinary women who sail ... Ordinary is not the word ... Extraordinary is more like it!!

This is just one I will be including on solo sailing in this site in the months to come so keep checking they will give you goose bumps!

Jeanne Socrates at 70 years old become the oldest women sailor to sail solo round the world non stop and unassisted.  It was her 3rd attempt, she would not give up on her dream no matter what the sea tossed at her!

The oldest person to sail 1,700 miles across the Atlantic ocean alone in a 30ft yacht. And yes, a woman called Mary Harper a 79 years old great-grandmother; and when in her 80’s she still sailed singlehanded in her own boat to foreign ports!

Now don’t you agree...

…Absolutely extraordinary! An inspiration!

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