Solo Sailing Safety!
By Douglas Malat

Consider Safety if going solo!  Some people like being alone, others like enjoy being around people, especially when it comes to boating with Powerboats or Sailboats.

So it is much more difficult to decide going it alone, Single Handing Offshore when you really enjoy company. You are not only testing your physical ability, but your mental ability of being alone for a considerable amount of time.

With boat electronics being so advanced to actually plot a course and pilot your vessel automatically, you do have to think of the danger of being left alone floating in the Sea as you look at your boat or yacht moving into the distance away from you.

Your Powerboat or Sailboat with its' instruments, electronics, radar has no feelings as it heads for the horizon on a course that you approved. Staying on board your sailboat is essential if you are going it solo.

When Solo What is Most Important!

Safety is the priority, not how much food, equipment, charts you have....It is your personal safety that matters and what you are going to do about it.

The other stuff is important, but not like your safety. Having all scenarios thought of, with safety equipment and plans in place, you are still vulnerable. It is the one thing you did not think of that can get you...yes, there is always a chance things go terribly wrong.

Of all things, you must stay on-board! Everything else really does not matter when you go overboard and you were single handing.

Off Shore Tests You!

Sailing solo off shore for many days at a time definitely tests all your abilities, and no matter how many times you do it, you still don't have it right.

Do you get complacent when the weather and seas are just picture perfect...are you still tethered in or do you feel safe in the cockpit and unclip yourself for that freedom of movement?

It actually becomes you against you as day after day goes by with that great weather and sailing that you want to feel free.

Length of Harness!

If you are smart, you will stay tethered in. You don't get another chance if you are off shore and slip/fall overboard. Keep that tether short so if you do slip and fall overboard, you will still be very close to deck level to get back aboard.

With a tether too long, it puts you close or in the water bashing yourself against the hull as your boat works the sea. Not allowing you to grab a handhold on the deck, deck stations or lifelines.

Keeping yourself tethered in with a halyard from the top of your mast allows some nice freedom as you are on deck. It will also keep you on the deck if you slip. Add this with your jack-line you are already tethered to, while on deck forward or aft.

Douglas Malat is a Captain with 30,000 Off-shore miles, Sailor, Power boater, Scuba diver, and creator of Yacht Authority a Website where you will find thousands of new and used boats and yachts  for sale, along with all kinds of Boating Accessories, Products and Services!

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