Working While Sailing!
10 Essentials List
    By Jacqueline Beggs  

The need to be working in a city office curtails my sailing options to weekends, so I’m very happy to escape Friday evening for a long weekend and sail to a nearby bay to start to catch up on some of my work backlog. 

Who doesn’t want an office where as soon as you get too hot or need to pee you simply jump overboard!

Very exciting to discover a world of women sailors I didn’t know existed. My blog has been excellent at creating new connections; there are women all over the world doing this, even though not that many are doing it solo. They are a font of inspiration, information, advice and just plain fun. 

I was inspired by Kim Brown’s post listing a woman’s perspective of 10 essential items on a sailboat and create my own I struggle to confine my list to just 10 items, even assuming I have a sound, functional boat; so resorted to adding a second, ‘nice to have’ list:

Working while sailing essentials!

1.  Laptop/cell phone; allows me to run an office + vital contact with family and friends + post blogs + check out what George Clooney is up to.

2.  Garden with lettuce/spinach + fresh herbs (and spare potting mix to keep replanting after sailing cockups).

3.  Bose portable speaker for playing music loud.

4.  Soft cotton girlie clothing (sometimes nice to get out of manky, salt-encrusted sailing gear).

5.  Foot spa (Bucket wide enough for both feet, Epsom salts, pumice, heel balm, nail polish; worth carrying extra water).

Delicious when feet are cold and best used with item 3. Spa is essential as otherwise my heels crack painfully with the constant in and out of salt water.

6.  Woolen fluffy slippers (even in summer my feet get cold).

7.  Favorite snuggle rug – essential for cuddling up into small cocoon when all goes wrong.

8.  Yummy, high quality face cream/oil – all that sailing is pretty harsh on the skin.

9.  Proper glass wine glasses (yes – even on a steel boat. Sweep-stake still running for how long it takes me to break all four. So far so good.)

10.  Single malt whisky – excellent option as this is best drunk room temperature without ice (I have no freezer and only a small chilly bin which runs off battery) and straight whisky maximizes alcohol: calorie ratio. Perfect! 

Nice to have:

1.  Fireman’s calendar (it was a gift, of course I have to pin it up).

2.  Will – even though he drops hair everywhere. Still finding hair in unexpected places since his visit last weekend.

3.  Good selection of excellent red wine (no space for white in chiller).

4.  Dark chocolate – do not waste calories on low quality milk chocolate!

5.  Oboe – only just dusted this off today after 13 years since I last played seriously in the Nelson Symphony Orchestra. Embouchure only allows for a few snippets of very rusty playing, but amazed to find my fingers still work (sort of). Worth persevering – I just love the sound reverberating through me when I get it right.

6.  Selection of good books (I never seem to find time to read for fun, but I keep hoping).

7.  Scented candles (masks nasty whiff emanating from sink; I know – still not sorted).

8.    Favorite china mug (I might have gone through several of these already). 

In Summary!

Actually, some items on nice to have list could be on essential list.  Luckily, I have all items to hand – except Will. But he counts as a person, and I don’t get to choose who else I might want with me, otherwise I wouldn’t be sailing solo.

Hmmm, the logic is hard to work out after a super large glass of red wine. My lists are not mutually exclusive; what is the point of good red wine if you don’t have glass to drink it out of?

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