Yachts for Solo Sailing

If you are thinking about yachts for solo sailing be adventurous and remember ...

Marinas overflow with dreamers, while yachts sit and gather barnacles...

Don't dream your life, live your dream!

Our vision, goals and dreams determine the boat we chose to sail. We may be looking at solo sailing, sailing coastal waters, or dream of adventure and need an ocean crossing vessel capable of sailing to faraway places. If you intend to race, or break records then that’s another story altogether. 

The sizes vary greatly as do the layouts.  

Most women yacht owners and shorthanded sailors I have met or read about have boats under 40ft in length, around 28ft to 37ft.  Like mine in the image below.

There are some with trailer boats but a fixed keeled yacht kept at a mooring or marina is definitely more convenient.

Self Steering on Yachts for Solo Sailing:

Cruising should be leisurely and enjoyable at any time. When on the water alone thought should be given to appropriate equipment to make your time on the water easy and enjoyable.

A good self-steering system makes life easy. Once under way the auto helm will keep to a pre-set compass course this allows you the freedom to raise the sails and trim them, tack when necessary and any other boat jobs. This includes time to navigate or do radio calls plus going to the ‘heads’ and getting meals. Not to forget a bit of relaxation.

Roller-reefing & Winches:

Roller-reefing gear is excellent and almost a universal addition. A maximum sized Genoa, which can be furled by one person, eliminates the need to carry extra sails and to change them each time the wind strength varies.

If caught in heavy weather and there is a need to reduce sail, efficient and easy to use reefing systems prove their worth in these circumstances.

For singlehanded sailing it’s great to have a yacht where the sails can be raised from the cockpit and that includes the main sail. 

Self tailing winches and an anchor winch also make it easy and don’t need strength; make it easy on you and enjoy the experience.

What Other Must Haves:

These are some of my all-time ‘must haves’ when you are single handed to make it an easy and joy full experience.  Then there is the other essentials...

A lot of the other things are more personal like the layout of the yacht, the galley and its equipment, the heads... electric or pump out, and the cockpit size and protection from the elements. 

Of course there will always be challenges with any yachts for solo sailing  some things we have no control over, we enter a world of wind and water where no two seconds are the same!

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